Letters: Explore the Bible; Tax plan; Abuse suit

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RE: Explore the Bible: Value All

I am thankful for Bro Heath Kirkwood and his writing the commentary for Explore the Bible lessons. I teach a Senior Ladies’ class and his writings are very helpful to me. I appreciate his timely insight in sharing deeper thoughts about each verse. Thank You.

Mary Nell Rodgers
Whitesboro, Texas

RE: House tax plan weakens Johnson Amendment

After passage of the GOP “tax reform” aka “massive welfare for the rich and big corporations” measure, columnist Star Parker touted the action with an editorial headlined “A tax plan for growth, not envy.” Parker and others seem to think those of us who believe everyone should pay their fair share of taxes to provide for the defense and common welfare of America are envious of those who don’t feel any obligation. Why would I be envious of people like Donald Trump, who seems to be one of the most disliked, unhappy individuals on the planet? The lyrics of the old country song “A satisfied mind” express my thoughts on the subject quite well.

She is correct on the assertion of “growth.” There will be huge growth in the national debt in the amount of $1.5 trillion. The entire debt accumulated from the time of our nation’s founding until Ronald Reagan took office was less than $1 trillion. Plus, millions will face additional suffering and/or death from hunger and lack of medical care. We will see growth in illnesses because of the trashing of the environment. Also, growth in the possibility of armed conflict because of our nationalism.

In the Book of Genesis we see the account of Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of pottage. Immediate gratification in exchange for long term grief. I’m afraid this is the affliction of the 26% who approve of this measure.

Carl Hess
Ozark, Ala.

RE: Southern Baptist layman Paul Pressler subject of sex abuse suit

I thought the same thing about keep the suit private; but then I reasoned that a lawsuit filing is public information; and a paper does not want to cover-up the story either when a young person (or anyone) claims harm from leadership. We will err on one side or the other, but I would not want to be part of a cover up within a power structure.

R. King
Dallas, Texas

RE: The Baptist Standard

What is going on lately with this news service called The Baptist Standard? Lately, I see little, if anything, edifying or beneficial being published. We have pastors and missionaries on the front lines needing our support, our encouragement, and our interceding on their behalf. Instead, most of what I see are opinion pieces shaming Evangelicals for how they vote and what public policies they should support. I also question the qualifications of the authors of these opinion pieces as to how informed they are on the topics they are shaming and belittling other fellow Christians. Certainly we can do better than this.

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J. Stehle
Pleasanton, Texas



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