Letters: Follow Glorieta’s money

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Follow the money regarding Glorieta.

Somewhere in this case of LifeWay mismanagement, someone at LifeWay profited. 

If not, LifeWay should pay for its mistake and right this wrong. Their actions thus far are damaging to the name of Southern Baptists and the kingdom work. 

Robert E. Watkins

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Shame on LifeWay because of Glorieta

I have no dog in this battle between Glorieta homeowners and the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Christian Resources, although I am family of one former homeowner and friends of three others. Too, I am related to one of the SBC committee members who made the decision establish Glorieta in New Mexico.

I believe John Yarbrough is 100 per cent correct in his assessment. Lifeway should be red-faced ashamed and eaten up with guilt over how they treated former homeowners in Glorieta. On their knees, they should beg those they’ve injured to forgive them and repair the damage done to the former homeowners (and Lifeway’s reputation) with a check for the fair purchase of their houses. That is the honest and fair way to settle this issue.

As an active member of First Baptist Church in Blairsville, Ga., I speak for myself and certainly not for my church. Our Sunday school class uses LifeWay materials, but if I had a vote, I’d kick them out of our church until they learn to practice what they preach.

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Shame on them! As true Christians, those leaders of our denomination should staunchly adhere to both the tenets of Christianity and the values espoused by most Southern Baptists.

Just because some actions are legal certainly doesn’t make those actions right.

Chuck Cooper

Blairsville, Ga.

Adding insult to injury

Thank you for being bold and just in publishing Pastor John Yarbrough’s 2nd Opinion article regarding Glorieta

I had many precious and memorable visits there as a young person and as a parent with young children. Consequently, I was greatly disappointed to hear it was to be no more. 

To add insult to injury, it is difficult to fathom that homeowners would be dismissed from their lives’ investment with a mere token amount. This smacks of nothing but greed, and it saddens my heart for those who are finding themselves being (mistreated) by an association that stands for a high standard, but reflects business negotiations that are less than. 

Betsy Rodriguez 


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