Letters: Former missionary sides with Roberts, not Graham

Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. speaks alongside Imam Mohamed Magid on Capitol Hill on Thursday (July 23, 2015) in response to Franklin Graham's recent anti-Muslim remarks. Religion News Service photo by Sara Weissman

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Regarding statements by Franklin Graham  and Bob Roberts  about Muslims: Based on almost 30 years of ministry as an International Mission Board missionary based in Beirut, Lebanon, and considerable study of the Islamic faith, some observations:

• The vast majority of Muslims are not radical and want to live peaceably among peoples of other faiths. They, too, fear radical Islam. Radical Muslims have killed far more Muslims than non-Muslims.

• If we intend to have any positive effect on Muslims to bring them to faith in Christ, we must understand them and their culture and ways of thinking. It starts with being friends with them.

• Jesus taught us to pray for all people, even if they become our enemies and threaten our lives.

• Christians ought to be the first to welcome Muslims into our homes and our communities, demonstrating Christ’s love for them.

• Limiting immigration of Muslims to our country will not solve any problems. Several million already are here.

• Criminal activity must be opposed and punished, no matter who the criminals may be.

David King


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