Letters: Hate, police, religious liberty

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Speak out against hate

In March 1968, Americans experienced one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in modern history. It happened in a little village in Vietnam called My Lai and was carried out by American soldiers, who killed about 500 civilians.

A young warrant officer pilot and his two crewmen risked their lives to stop the slaughter and reported it. Instead of the guilty being punished, the pilot was persecuted for months, and the matter was covered up, all the way to top levels of the Pentagon, Congress and the White House. The coverup had a devastating effect on the war and the eventual fall of South Vietnam.

The massacre was carried out by a weak-minded lieutenant who shouldn’t have been commissioned. It was condoned and encouraged by higher-ranking officers who never were punished.

Similarly, we are seeing a few law enforcement officers carrying out vicious attacks on civilians and dishonoring their badge and uniform. Some people don’t have the maturity and judgment to be police. Instead of justifying their actions, the multitude of good law enforcement officers and their associations should condemn these despicable acts.

Dallas law enforcement officers and their chief, David Brown, deserve the thanks of the nation for handling the recent tragedy in their city. I especially was impressed that none of the 20 or so weak-minded individuals carrying guns in the protest march were shot by police.

Let’s speak out against those who try to profit by spreading hate, fear and bigotry that lead to these tragedies.

Carl L. Hess

Ozark, Ala.

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Stop whining; follow Jesus

Thanks for “Evangelicals, quit complaining and follow Jesus’ lead.” For some, the response would be, “Ouch!” But you are exactly correct, and I appreciate your willingness to write what many of us feel and have thought for some time. 

I’ve said—more than once—in sermons that the spread of the gospel is sort of like Johnson grass, or even Bermuda grass. The harder you try to get rid of it, the faster it grows!

We’ve failed our nation because we have failed to do what Jesus told us to—”make disciples”—but instead, we’ve worked the system to make laws that suit our preferences.

Thanks for exposing our shallowness. Hopefully, enough of us will take seriously our kingdom citizenship over our American citizenship!

Glenn L. Ward


Thank you for this editorial. It is so appropriate to these times.

Jesus would not be guarding bathrooms, but addressing social needs as he articulated in the verses you referenced.

Nelson Forsyth



Keep church & state separate

Jerry Falwell Jr. wants to see the repeal of a law that bans churches and nonprofit corporations from expressing political speech.

As a supporter of the separation of church and state, I don’t think ministers and priests should be allowed to support political parties and candidates from the pulpit.

What politician would Jesus support? Would he support Caesar or Pharaoh? 

Chuck Mann

Greensboro, N.C.

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