Letters: Holocaust and gun control

(RNS1-feb6) A group of Jews are taken prisoner during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of April 1943. For use with RNS-GUNS-HOLOCAUST, transmitted on February 6, 2013, Religion News Service File Photo.

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Holocaust and gun control

So why did the Nazis outlaw the personnel possession of fire arms in 1934? They said “to promote a more peaceful  and tranquil society.” We all know how that turned out.

The entire article on the Jews and the Holocaust  is pure speculation. What actually happened is not subject to speculation. A lot of priests, preachers, editors, etc. (German) went to the wall in Dachau except for those that fell in line.

Not only could the Jews not resist, but those that could come to their rescue had already been eliminated at Dachau. It all began with “gun control.”

Fred Rosenbaum


Regarding Fred Rosenbaum’s letter (above) on “Jews and the Holocaust”: Of course, the article was pure speculation, but so is the opinion that if Jews and other sympathizers had guns, they could have stopped the Nazis.

In addition, the Holocaust did not start because of gun control; it started because of hate. Hate is what leads to any type of ethnic cleansing.

If gun control had any part of the Holocaust, it was very, very minor.

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Josh Breslaw


Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America must be aware of the majority support that exists to keep the BSA free from compromising its long-standing tenets. The homosexual infiltration would be the greatest and most tragic invasion of Satanic influence among youth organizations in the history of our nation. There would be no end to the fallout damage. All of the 40 million Boy Scouts would in some way be negatively affected by gay infiltration.

BSA records show that over 70 percent of their charter organizations are faith-based. Baptists are among the top six leading sponsors, with over 4,000 units and 108,000-plus scouts. I do not know if Baptists are strong financial supporters or not. Some sponsors have caved to the homosexual agenda, and the BSA may experience some financial challenges. The loss of financial support must not be a determining factor for the1,400 leaders in BSA’s May 20 decision.

The BSA leadership, in their established relationships with charter groups, must be more transparent and candid in revealing their relationships with possible invasive groups.

Baptists, especially the Association of Baptists in Scouting, must step up to assure necessary financial support is provided.

What are 40 million Boy Scouts worth?

Bill Lawson



Close call

Sunday before last, I was in church with my wife, Shirley. This has nothing to do with her.

I usually am careful to make sure my cell phone is turned off in church. There is even a message displayed on the video screen asking that cell phones be turned off.

During the pastor’s sermon, I got to wondering if my cell phone was turned off. I checked, and to my horror, it was on. And it is set for a loud ring.

The idea of disturbing the sermon sent chills up my spine. The next Sunday I was much more careful. Close call.

Don Taylor

Willis, Texas






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