Letters: LifeWay’s ‘business’ decision hurts fellow Christians

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LifeWay’s ‘business’ decision hurts fellow Christians

Thank you for publishing opinions of several people regarding the ongoing plight of the homeowners at Glorieta.

I agree it is a shame when a ministry that has equipped many thousands of missionaries, pastors and music ministers in their selected fields has been reduced from a “ministry” to a “business.” As the CEO of LifeWay said, “It’s only a business decision.”

Thank God that his Son, Jesus, was not the CEO of any business other than his Father’s, which focused on souls rather than bank accounts.

When we bought our only home now in Glorieta Conference Center, we never intended to one day be forced to “give” it to another ministry, especially one we do not support. Unfortunately we believed the 60-plus-year history of Christian ministry would continue as they said it would and foolishly disregarded the one-sided LifeWay lease.  

As for the trustees, the information they are “fed” regarding business decisions comes straight from the administration of LifeWay.  Maybe they, too, are foolish in their neglect of due diligence concerning business decisions that sorely affect their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Karen Foster


Go to great lengths to remove guilt

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Regarding Walsh’s letter to the editor, “Christ is our Sabbath”:  Only do we go at great lengths to attempt to justify our actions and attempt to remove what little guilt we have left as he wrote in his letter. 

F.A. Taylor


Integrate like Lions Clubs

In the 1970s, the Lions Clubs in El Paso formed a Lions Club that consisted of black retired Army soldiers. They were a great active club.

After a few years, the district governor of the Lions Clubs said, “This gives us the appearance of being segregated.” The Lions Clubs were organized along geographic lines, so we intermingled. Blacks transferred to the nearest Lions Club, and whites in the black geographic area transferred to that club.

Why can’t we do this in our society?

Fred Rosenbaum


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