Letters: Missionaries cut, Jesus wept; Prayers for CLC, Pastors for Texas Children

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Alternatives to laying off missionaries

I just re-read the article about the International Mission Board cutting jobs, and it breaks my heart.

Three of the Gospels record our Lord’s Great Commission. The article states there are 4,800 missionaries. Also there are 50,000 Southern Baptist cooperating churches, per the website. I am not a “rocket scientist,” but perhaps, just perhaps, if each Southern Baptist congregation would prayerfully, honestly, consider ways to assist in maintaining the current number of missionaries, there would be no need to “cut” missionaries.

Churches, the congregations: Instead of building large sanctuaries, hold more services. Instead of 20 people going on thousand-dollar two-week mission trips, 10 go and the 10 staying contribute their plane fare to a “home missionary.” The potential is endless what a true born-again Christ follower, the Christ followers’ church, may accomplish for missions.

One last point of consideration: If the IMB had stated each employee was taking a percentage cut in their salary, if they get a salary, what an inspiration, motivation for the entire Southern Baptist body of believers to prayerfully, honestly realistically consider ways to assist in continuing to spread the saving news of our Lord and Savior.

In conclusion, I honestly believe the shortest verse in the English Bible (“Jesus wept”) covers this situation.

Karl Frank

Sadness on the mission field

What is up with the International Mission Board? Why would they “retire” 600 to 800 in the field and then send out 300 new missionaries this year and next year? Why does any Southern Baptist organization need so many administrative workers? I assume that means office personnel.

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It’s time for the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention to seriously consider the plan I put forth to you last year. I also sent the plan to a newly elected chairman of one of the other mission boards. But alas, they all seem to be stuck in the same old-fashioned mode. 

But I will say again: It is not practical nor financially feasible to send American families overseas where they live the American lifestyle. Concentrate the funds on the local house churches and have an overseer for an entire section of that country or for the whole country depending on its size.

So discouraging and sad to see what’s happening.

Mick Tahaney
Port Arthur

Prayers for CLC, Pastors for Texas Children

Regarding “Some pastors want tax dollars for church schools, others advocate public education”:  I’m so thankful for men like Charles Foster Johnson and Gus Reyes, who champion Baptist ideals, understand the true nature of religious freedom and, above all, advance the agenda of Jesus (Luke 4:16-21; Matthew 25:31-46).  

I pray the efforts of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and Pastors for Texas Children win the day.

Julio Guarneri

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