Letters: Refusing to vaccinate ‘unethical & immoral’

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In 1978, I staffed a hearing for a congressman on the risks of adverse reactions to vaccines.  A law was passed setting up a program to provide compensation for demonstrated adverse consequences of a vaccination. I have remained conversant with the issues surrounding vaccinations due to my long interest in how people understand and respond to risk (outside the financial markets!). 

The relative risk, compared to the benefit of avoiding the consequences of childhood diseases, weighs heavily in favor of vaccination. Severe long-term reaction to vaccination is rare. Severe, long-term, disabling reactions to childhood diseases are not as rare in unvaccinated children. 

Loss of life, scarring, deafness, paralysis, intellectual disability, blindness, etc., due to formerly common illnesses have been prevented or reduced by the use of vaccines in children and adults. 

As a Christian and a lawyer who works with families, I believe it is unethical and immoral to not vaccinate a child as recommended by the medical community.

Ralph E. Cooper


Beauty from horror on Death Row

This is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story, where a young man who committed dreadful sins found that by reaching into his soul, he realized that love, kindness and forgiveness are more powerful than indifference, hate and desire for revenge.

I wish him the blessings of the goodness that is supreme in this world, despite all the sadness and lack of love.

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Yvonne Amery

Auckland, New Zealand

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