Letters: Repent of selfishness

At church together.

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One of our problems within the church is that we are no longer intergenerational. Our church services are segregated by age and music preference. That’s a sin we volunteered for. 

To truly renew the gospel today, we must repent of our selfishness and be loving and gracious too all who inquire or are willing to be included as a church member. The gospel is to transform and renew, and the fruit is fellowship and love from a pure heart. 

There should be no distinction of race or gender for those in Christ if we have been saved.

Prentiss Yeates


Georgia should commute Gissendaner’s sentence

After reading “… Jesus’ death convicts capital punishment,” I can’t help but reflect on Luke’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion. Two other criminals were executed along with him. One criticized him, and the other realized they both were justly accused and found guilty. 

The one who recognized Christ asked: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom”? Jesus’ reply: “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” So, I ask: After his salvation, did the Roman government stop the execution so the thief’s sentence of death might be commuted to life in prison? No.  

I knew Kelly Gissendaner and her mother during my tenure at Phillips State Prison. I also met Doug Gissendaner. Doug was a real nice fellow. 

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I know what Kelly did was horrible and wicked. It has effected that family in ways that you and I will never know. I am so glad Kelly discovered God’s undeserving gift of grace.  

I do have a problem. The state of Georgia wants to kill Kelly for the crime she committed. Under other circumstances, I would agree, but not this time. I have read Kelly’s case files. Her initial trial, appeals, etc., she acted under bad counsel. Her present attorneys are more than competent to handle her case. 

Many departmental policies have been violated, not only during her incarceration, but during the state’s last two attempts in obtaining a humane execution. It is due to these grievous errors that Kelly’s sentence should be commuted to life in prison.

Harold Guthrie

Athens, Ga.

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