Letters: Resettle Syrians in Middle East

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Regarding the guest editorial 10 reasons to ignore all those governors: 

The statement that Syrians are scrutinized/vetted for 18 months to two years is totally useless when you realize there is no dependable database/source from Syria for checking them. A Syrian with money can buy a new identity/passport in Syria. You cannot trust what information you can get. 

I like the idea of creating a place in the Middle East for them to settle, not in America where they will continue to follow Islam.

Steve Livengood


Don’t give up on reaching the world

Baptists of Texas must remain focused reaching the world for Jesus Christ. 

I am that product where missionaries found me in a small town of Athi River, Kenya, in the early 1960s. I came to Texas for higher learning. My wife and I settled in Texas for nearly three decades. Now, we are planting churches in Kenya and Tanzania. We have a new breed of Baptists in East Africa.

We are also building a modern campus to reach growing middle class in Kenya and Tanzania with help from men and women in many states. 

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Let us not give up.

Solomon Kimuyu


Government & God’s kingdom have different roles

It is disappointing that you featured such a one-sided political column without a contrasting view.

Government’s role is security for its people, which is not the same as that of the kingdom of God. Jesus was quick to contrast the different roles, and so did the Apostle Paul in Romans 12.

Obviously, the writer never has been held responsible in his job for the security—physical force—of a country, state, city, county, precinct or neighborhood.  

The issue is not fear. It is security.  

A government (or governor) who encourages proven enemies to continue what they are doing will provide encouragement for them to inflict more death and destruction.  

The terrorist enemy has no conscience and will never give an account for having killed an innocent person.

As chairman of Refugee Services of Texas, you would think Dr. Magruder would, more than any other, support a policy that distinguishes between aliens who need and want help and aliens who seek to kill and destroy.

In the Old Testament, God constantly instructed his people of faith how to recognize the difference, and he made suggestions on what to do when some aliens sought to kill all who would not bow to their gods.  

The writer apparently believes the governors are trying to keep Christians from doing their job—to do good. 

C’mon pastor. Your role and the governor’s or president’s role are not the same.  

Gene O’Neal


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