Letters: Support Glorieta homeowners

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Support Glorieta homeowners

Regarding LifeWay’s proposal  to give the Glorieta Conference Center to Glorieta2.0, a sister organization of Camp Eagle at Rock Springs, Texas, this letter supports the homeowners and requests your support in their fight to block this proposal from becoming a dreadful reality. 

If this proposal takes place, it will undoubtedly place a severe financial hardship on the homeowners, plus negatively effect their financial plans for retirement, many of whom may have retired already and living on property, as well as those who utilize the property for vacation but hope to celebrate their ownership in the future with retirement.  In most cases, the buy-out proposal of $40,000 will not adequately compensate the homeowners’ original investments in their property, not to mention the upgrade and maintenance expenditures they have incurred during their ownership; nor is it a justifiable replenishment to their life savings for which they worked hard to earn and invest in their future at Glorieta.

This proposal is extremely unfair and in no way considers the homeowners’ overall finances, mental and spiritual well-being. Kindly join the homeowners in their fight against this ignoble and un-Christian confiscation of their property by people, who are obviously concerned only with making a profit at the homeowner’s expense.

Please attend the meeting on July 9, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the Santa Fe Room in the Glorieta dining hall, where representatives of LifeWay, Glorieta2.0, and the lessees will discuss this proposal. Voice your opinion in favor of the homeowners. 

Bill Avaritt


Blessed be justice

“Justice for all” are powerful words in our Pledge of Allegiance. There is a “striving for justice” thread that runs through important segments of our society to bind us together—to make us better. 

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Working for racial, LGBT, gender and economic justice should be every private and public sector citizen’s calling. We do justice, or fairness, because it is the right thing to do.

Our nation is so divided in many ways; joining together to achieve justice can help unify us. Justice, motivated by love, is the mother of peace. Blessed be the tie that binds—justice.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.

Research abortion before debating

As I read letters to the editor in newspapers, I see emotions riding high on both sides of abortion and related events in Texas. Whether one is pro-life or pro-choice, there are two groups of facts one needs to know in order to be well informed when taking a stand. These are facts, not opinions. They certainly are facts on which opinions can be based, but they are facts, nonetheless. Therefore, I am challenging both sides to research these two groups of facts, whether online or otherwise.

First, study the facts about the development of the unborn child—fetus—from conception until birth.

Second, research the methods of abortion and learn what happens to both the woman and the fetus in each method.

If one is going to take a stand, one must be informed. If these basic facts are not known, one is not well-informed. The challenge is before each one of you on both sides of the abortion issue.

LaBetha Casey

Stonewall, La.


Losses are gambler’s fault

As a fellow gambler and Texan, I feel the person profiled  in “Compulsive gambler feels fleeced by casino, betrayed by regulators” can’t blame the casino industry.

He is the one who decided to gamble and can’t blame anyone but himself. Two days is not a long time to send a wire transfer. This guy was just grasping at straws trying to get his loss back

Shame on him, and shame on you for standing behind him.

Tim Jasco


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