Letters: Terrorism & ‘vigilante culture’; Religious freedom for Muslims

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What legislation will work?

I just finished reading Marcia Pally’s guest editorial on the gun-loving vigilante culture in America, which, by whatever definition you would choose, I’m sure that I’m a member of.

My question is: Precisely what legislation would you suggest would be effective in keeping guns away from terrorists? Isn’t an inherent part of being a terrorist the fact that terrorists don’t obey the laws of the land?

Robert Blankenship
Glade Spring, Va.

Speed up death penalty

This lady is incompetent and not informed at all.

People kill people because they have no fear. They get illegal guns because they have no fear. We have too many people with this mentality, many in prison, and it will not change.

The death penalty is the ultimate equalizer and a “real” call to stopping gun violence. It needs an express lane, too.

Jason Streiff

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Why oppose religious freedom for Muslims?

Regarding “Americans prize religion freedom for Christians, less for Muslims“: It’s not real complicated. Muslims are murdering human beings around the world, daily. Give them more freedom of religion?

Fred Rosenbaum

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