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BGCT: Big-tent people

I am honored to be a Texas Baptist. I confess I am tired of being called homophobic and told that my interpretation of Scripture is discrimination against homosexuals. I believe the Scriptures do discriminate against sinful behaviors, and this is one of those sinful behaviors.

I love local-church autonomy and want us to be a big tent people, and we are. I don’t, however, want to compromise Scripture for a big tent. I appreciate the autonomy of the BGCT as well and the priesthood of all believers, and the priesthood has spoken.

If Westboro Baptist Church were a member of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, I suspect some who are arguing for local-church autonomy would be the first to make a motion to remove fellowship, and I would gladly second such a motion.

I believe these two churches do not desire to be harmonious, but rather desire to push a cultural agenda, using the media and our polity to bully us into accepting a position outside of Scripture.

In my opinion they are letting culture not Scripture dictate their theology. I appreciate my friend Howard Batson’s guest editorial on the issue on the issue and hope you will read his compelling comments.

Daniel Downey

Out-of-state letters

Why are you printing letters from people who do not live in Texas? I don’t care what they think. They have no voice in the BGCT. If their letters are all you have, then print nothing.

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Bruce Irving
George West

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