Letters: Trump and justice; struggling with homosexuality

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‘Late-comer to justice’

It is hard to believe Donald Trump thought going to Detroit to speak at a black church would help him make inroads into securing blacks’ votes. The fact that “white racist” and “white supremacy” voters have no nominee to vote for but Republican Donald Trump speaks volumes about racism and bigotry within the GOP ranks. The Republican Party is primarily a white people’s party and it wants to remain so. African-Americans are sophisticated voters, not easily fooled by phonies trying to win their votes just two months before Election Day.

Lately, from his on-script speaking, Trump talks about doing justice. It seems he is a late-comer to the justice theme.

During his adult life, has he been aware of and cared about the injustice black Americans have suffered over the centuries? Did he ever speak out or write about the injustice?

Trump was about 22 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. A journalist should ask him if he remembers what his thoughts were about the assassination. What does he think about Dr. King’s life? Has he read any of King’s many writings, studied black history? To do Detroit so close to Nov. 8, and with so much insincerity, is too late.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.


‘Take back every word’

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Recently, a nearby town held its annual gay pride event. In past years, when I was involved in gay rights activism, I would’ve had no problem going to such events.

But now that I’ve rededicated my life to Jesus Christ, I couldn’t be more further from the gay lifestyle as opposed to a couple of years back. If I had to, I would take back every word I said and wrote in support of issues like same-sex marriage. That wasn’t me talking; it was the devil.

I didn’t write this letter to be self-serving, but rather to help someone who might be struggling with homosexuality. There is hope, and I’m living proof of it.

A.J. Chilson


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