Letters: Will Glorieta expand water use?

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According to a Baptist Standard article, the following is a quote from Anthony Scott: “We don’t have any plans to expand our water-recreation facilities at this point. As with all our plans, we will study our programs and needs each year to determine where we will expand.”

Please see this photo (above) showing plans of Glorieta 2.0 for the Summer of 2015.  I believe the picture includes several new splash pools, swimming pool and water slide. Is this not an expansion of Glorieta’s water-recreation facilities? 

Which is it:  No Future plans for water recreation facilities expansion or future plans for water recreation facilities expansion?

Is the New Mexico state engineer’s office aware of these plans?  Who will they believe?

Karen Foster


Comparisons are not equal

Regarding the letter  from Carl Hess, “What led to Christian persecution?”: Waterboarding Muslims is hardly comparable to cutting off heads on video. As to the Tet Offensive of 1968 (I was there), again thousands killed by the Viet Cong is hardly comparable to the My Lai massacre where the guilty were punished.

Fred Rosenbaum

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Refocus efforts on ministry

I am struck by the fact that we—and I mean I—have been guilty of idolatry. By this I mean as Christians, we who are Baptists have had our distinctness evaporate by the desire to be aligned with politicians, political movements or placing our growth in buildings or the exclusivity of a new hip theology.

As Baptists, we need to refocus our efforts in visiting the sick, tending to the orphaned, widows and poor, and supporting our pastors and staff who shepherd us. All these ministries are before us and are up and running.

So, please, support Buckner International’s foster ministry and your local mission store. Volunteer with groups that rebuild after a storm or help the elderly with a meal or bad plumbing.

This is the testimony of the local church. Pray and support them.

Prentiss Yeates


Rights vs. exercise

Pope Francis recently said there are limits to free speech. He also said if a good friend cursed out his mother, he could expect a punch in return. What about turning the other cheek and loving your neighbors, and enemies?   

As a supporter of freedom of thought, expression and speech, I think people should have the right to make fun of manmade religions. But just because you have a right doesn’t mean that you have to exercise it, and you shouldn’t curse out your friend’s mother. 

Chuck Mann

Greensboro, N.C.

God of all the universe

I couldn’t agree more with the premise Rick Hammer postulates. Whether or not there is life on other planets throughout the universe God created, it doesn’t change what Jesus the Christ accomplished for me and every other willing individual on Earth.

Are there sentient beings on distant planets? I don’t know.

Did a “Christ” come to other planets to accomplish for other beings the same thing he accomplished here? I don’t know.

I do think it is rather arrogant, on the part of humans, to think that they are the only ones that God wants to have an ongoing relationship with.

Chuck Pogue


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