Music, SBC and Shariah

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“Preach on”

I couldn’t agree with Jeremiah Bailey—“Voices: A church for earthlings”—more.

I’ve done my best in my song lyrics and other writings to remove as much “stained glass” verbiage as possible, mainly because I’d rather express myself in language that I use—not “churchspeak.”

Moreover, I’m glad to see someone talking about how earthy much of the Bible really is. Last year, I decided to teach a Sunday school class on the Song of Solomon—racy stuff, to be sure.

In addition, I actually have taught one titled “Finding Blues in the Bible.” And I have no doubts that’s truly so. There certainly is a fair share of blues in the Scripture. Heck, I even borrowed from Psalm 13, calling it the “How Long Blues,” paraphrasing only slightly the words to illustrate my point.

So, as folks used to say, in my response to Jeremiah’s article, “Preach on, brother, preach on.”

George Gagliardi



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Right thing; about time

I would like to commend the Southern Baptist Convention for eventually doing the right thing by ”decrying every form of racism including alt-right white supremacy.”

Why did it take so long? 

Chuck Mann

Greensboro, N.C. 


Neither comforting nor convincing

Regarding “How anti-Shariah marches mistake Muslim concepts for law”: I find the commentary neither comforting or convincing. But perhaps that’s because I am not a Muslim.

Perhaps this explanation of how and why Shariah law is not really law might be clearer and much more comforting to the untold number of Muslims—and non-Muslims—who have had their heads chopped off, hands chopped off and clitorises excised.


John Elliott


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