• Golden Rule, leaving church

    Letters this week focus on editorials about the Golden Rule and walking away from faith.

  • Does the church need the Johnson Amendment?

    A Texas Baptist pastor asks whether the church really needs the government to protect it from politics.

  • Trump and foreign aid; Trump and the NRA

    Letters this week focus on a recent editorial about President Trump’s plans for foreign aid, as well as his speech to the National Rifle Association

  • Capital punishment, profs’ confession

    This week’s letters focus on the state of Arkansas’ desire to execute seven inmates in 11 days and a recent statement of political sins by Texas Baptist religion professors.

  • Propriety among genders, and a great pastor

    Letters this week focused on Meredith Stone’s column on Vice President Mike Pence’s rule about never dining alone with anyone other than his wife, as well as the “Deep in the Hearts of Texans” column by Jacob West.

  • Health care ethics, Moore and Southern Baptists, mental health care

    Letters this week focus on the ethics of the Affordable Care Act, the Southern Baptist Convention’s response to ethics leader Russell Moore and the current Texas debate over mental health care.

  • A parent argues in favor of education voucher bill

    A Christian parent says the state’s proposed education voucher bill would support civil rights and help parents and their children.

  • Redistricting and justice, plus more on Moore

    Letters this week focused on the recent editorial about the injustice of gerrymandered legislative districts and the challenges to Southern Baptist ethics leader Russell Moore.

  • Learn to listen; follow Jesus’ model

    Letters this week focused on listening and using words wisely, as well as following Jesus’ example for relating to people.

  • Homeless LGBTQ youth and ‘Lenting’ Baptists

    Letters this week respond to an article about battling human trafficking and a column on observing Lent.

  • Vouchers, Cooperative Program, removed churches

    This week’s letters responded to the push for education vouchers, conflict within the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ removal of churches that welcome and affirm LGBT members.

  • The BGCT and homosexuality

    This week’s letters focus on the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board’s determination three churches that are LGBT-affirming are no longer in “harmonious cooperation” with the convention.