• Letters: Confederate flag, evolution

    Readers oppose the Southern Baptist Convention’s resolution against the Confederate battle flag.

  • Letters: Briles, Trump, Starr, handguns, Muslims

    Letters this week focus on Art Briles, who was fired as Baylor University’s football coach; Donald Trump, whose followers include some Southern Baptists; Ken Starr, who was fired as Baylor’s president; and handguns

  • Letters: Tributes to Lynn Craft, Golden Gate Seminary

    Writers express gratitude for the life and ministry of Lynn Craft and for the ministry-training platform of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Letter: Vote to “further God’s purpose”

    “Social injustice and immigration reform can only be addressed when the lives of the most innocent are protected first.”

  • Letters: Baylor, voting, education

    Letters this week include commentary on the sexual abuse scandal at Baylor University, as well as editorials on Texas’ school-funding system and Christian voting.

  • Letter: Need to know the whole story

    Reader challenges editor to examine “what’s even more immoral” about public education and the Texas Legislature.

  • Letters: Politics, politics, politics, politics, pope

    Loud on Trump; quiet on Clinton I’m pretty tired of the apparently liberal Baptist Standard feeling that this anything negative about Trump is worthy of news is worthy of news…

  • Letter: “Flags are not racist; people are”

    I have prayed about responding to the Southern Baptist Convention condemning the Confederate Flag. Does the SBC think this symbolic gesture will actually bring healing to the SBC and our…

  • Letters: The challenge of same-sex weddings to religious freedom

    Regarding “A conversation about ‘religious liberty’ laws and freedom”: Thank you for diving deep into the confusing and nuanced layers of these issues. While I agree with your opinions for…

  • Christian persecution; immoral behavior

    Forcing a Christian to participate in a gay wedding or lose his business is akin to forcing a Kosher or Halal deli to sell bacon, ,,,

  • Baylor alumni urged to oppose settlement

    Letter to the editor: “While the settlement between Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association is better than the previous transition agreement, that is not saying a lot.”

  • Letters: Fear not and capital punishment

    Stand with Jesus or follow the fearful? The editorial “Fear not—why we need Easter this year” is much-needed at this time. Marv Knox addresses fear, but other emotions are in…