• Letter: Vote to “further God’s purpose”

    “Social injustice and immigration reform can only be addressed when the lives of the most innocent are protected first.”

  • Letters: Baylor, voting, education

    Letters this week include commentary on the sexual abuse scandal at Baylor University, as well as editorials on Texas’ school-funding system and Christian voting.

  • Letter: Need to know the whole story

    Reader challenges editor to examine “what’s even more immoral” about public education and the Texas Legislature.

  • Letters: Politics, politics, politics, politics, pope

    Loud on Trump; quiet on Clinton I’m pretty tired of the apparently liberal Baptist Standard feeling that this anything negative about Trump is worthy of news is worthy of news…

  • Letter: “Flags are not racist; people are”

    I have prayed about responding to the Southern Baptist Convention condemning the Confederate Flag. Does the SBC think this symbolic gesture will actually bring healing to the SBC and our…

  • Letters: The challenge of same-sex weddings to religious freedom

    Regarding “A conversation about ‘religious liberty’ laws and freedom”: Thank you for diving deep into the confusing and nuanced layers of these issues. While I agree with your opinions for…

  • Christian persecution; immoral behavior

    Forcing a Christian to participate in a gay wedding or lose his business is akin to forcing a Kosher or Halal deli to sell bacon, ,,,

  • Baylor alumni urged to oppose settlement

    Letter to the editor: “While the settlement between Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association is better than the previous transition agreement, that is not saying a lot.”

  • Letters: Fear not and capital punishment

    Stand with Jesus or follow the fearful? The editorial “Fear not—why we need Easter this year” is much-needed at this time. Marv Knox addresses fear, but other emotions are in…

  • Letter: Follow the law regarding immigration

    I, like many others, are frustrated by the actions of our government’s inability to address the immigration problem that is humane and abides by the established immigration law. The problem…

  • Letter: Derailing church-state separation

    Thanks for a reminder of what freedom of religion really means. All it takes to derail separation of church and state is for only one generation who either rewrite history…

  • Gun-free campuses

    Let’s publish a list of the campuses that ban guns so the next Virginia Tech mentally deranged mass killer will know where to go. Has no one noticed that the…