• Letters: Repent of selfishness

    One of our problems within the church is that we are no longer intergenerational. Our church services are segregated by age and music preference. That’s a sin we volunteered for.

  • Letters: Support what works

    What was good enough for our fathers may not necessarily be good enough for today.

  • Letters: Curiosity, listening & the gospel

    Regarding your excellent editorial, A hypocrite’s guide to learning to listen, thanks for connecting the perspective of curiosity and the art of listening to the gospel of Jesus.

  • Letters: Follow Glorieta’s money

    Updated: Follow the money regarding Glorieta. Somewhere in this case of LifeWay mismanagement, someone at LifeWay profited.

  • Letters: Glorieta leaseholders took risky gamble

    Updated: The Glorieta lawsuit by Kirk and Susie Tompkins sounds more like “Oops, I made a bad business decision and someone needs to pay for my mistake.”

  • Letters: School vouchers hurt struggling system

    As a public educator who works tirelessly for my students, I don’t appreciate our senators’ comments on public schools and our teachers.

  • Letters: Gregory Walcott – a thoughtful, considerate actor

    The death of a friend is not something we take lightly. The recent death of actor Gregory Walcott prompted many pleasant memories.

  • Letters: ‘Science cannot contradict the Bible’

    UPDATED: That God created us male and female is timeless truth. Unambiguous. Not subject to redefinition.

  • Letters: Transgender resolution outdated

    It is impossible to address how badly the Baptist General Convention of Texas resolution concerning gender identity was ill-informed in 250 words.

  • Letters: A first step for persecuted Christians

    Thanks for reminding us of the continuing atrocities being committed by ISIS.

  • Letters: Right to be worried about Sharia

    Americans are right to be worried Sharia law might be applied to us.

  • Letters: Understanding horse racing

    I truly do not understand those who oppose helping Texas horse racing by allowing slot machines and advance deposit wagering.