• Letters: Hold high believers’ baptism

    I hate be a wet blanket, but quite honestly, many a “Baptist church member” has listened and digested the statement, “You don’t have to be baptized to be saved.” translating to “I don’t have to go to church to be in fellowship with other believers.”

  • Letters: It’s not Bush’s fault

    Texas Baptist Forum: Now it’s Bush’s fault Christians are being persecuted. I’m really getting tired of it.

  • Letters: Will Glorieta expand water use?

    Please see this photo showing plans of Glorieta 2.0 for the Summer of 2015.  I believe the picture includes several new splash pools, swimming pool and water slide. Is this not an expansion of Glorieta’s water-recreation facilities?

  • Letters: What led to Christian persecution?

    “Persecution of Christians reached historic levels in 2014. Will 2015 be worse?” indicates persecution of Christians broke records last year.

  • Letters: Wisdom of 2 weddings

    While I teach the importance of separation of church and state in certain Bible studies, I am still in the minority on this subject.

  • Letters: The difference between Jasper & Ferguson

    David Gushee cites Reinhold Niebuhr, implying white America is to blame for deeds and misdeeds causing racial strife. But Ferguson did not have to happen.

  • Letters: Glorieta – behavior or core beliefs?

    If a Baptist entity’s behavior violated its stated and published core beliefs, which should it change—its behavior or its core beliefs?

  • Letters: A prayer for Advent

    The world is not there yet, but with God’s help and our diligence in doing his will, the realization of God’s dream/Isaiah’s prophesy will be something to behold!

  • Letters: Religion, multiple wives & truth

    (Updated) We must not forget that the Mormon Church started out as a cult where some “special” men could have more than one wife.

  • Letters: Firing & following rules

    We will probably never know the real reason for the firing of Ken Hall,  and maybe that is best.

  • Letters: Baylor can’t handle success

    Can Baylor University not handle success? In the past few months, the media has given Baylor more positive publicity than the university has ever gained.

  • Letters: Houston mayor did not try to punish preachers

    I believe your statement, “… the Houston mayor’s office tried to punish preachers for political views based on sincerely held religious beliefs …” misses several obvious points.