• Letters: Firing & following rules

    We will probably never know the real reason for the firing of Ken Hall,  and maybe that is best.

  • Letters: Baylor can’t handle success

    Can Baylor University not handle success? In the past few months, the media has given Baylor more positive publicity than the university has ever gained.

  • Letters: Houston mayor did not try to punish preachers

    I believe your statement, “… the Houston mayor’s office tried to punish preachers for political views based on sincerely held religious beliefs …” misses several obvious points.

  • Letters: Vigil for a death-row inmate

    “Thank you for the story on Miguel Angel Paredes. Through it, we are able to see the human being who is being killed by the state.”

  • Letters: Improve wages & hours

    Hungry children are not the problem, but the consequence of the problem.

  • Letters: Ebola and the gospel

    Ebola has been and is high profile news. What a blessed opportunity to preach the gospel, which Jesus himself commanded us to do: “Repent and believe in the gospel.”

  • Letters: Refusing to vaccinate ‘unethical & immoral’

    As a Christian and a lawyer who works with families, I believe it is unethical and immoral to not vaccinate a child as recommended by the medical community.

  • Letters: Choirs changed, but not gone

    “Downbeat forecast for church choirs” does not represent Baptist churches at all, so I do not know why this was even printed in the Baptist Standard.

  • Letters: LifeWay’s ‘business’ decision hurts fellow Christians

    Thank you for publishing opinions of several people regarding the ongoing plight of the homeowners at Glorieta.

  • Letters: LifeWay, Glorieta 2.0 unfair to homeowners

    UPDATED: I find it disturbing that LifeWay Christian Resources and Glorieta 2.0 are hurting these homeowners.

  • Letters: Baylor & Sunday football

    Presidents W.R. White and Abner McCall must be really turning over in their graves now as they watch their beloved Baylor become more and more secular.

  • Letters: Work for justice at every level of society

    Thank you for your comments regarding the challenge we continue to face in America related to racism and injustice. You were on the mark, and you spoke a difficult truth clearly.