• Letters: Learn about mental illness

    Church leaders need to become more competent in understanding mental illness.

  • Letters: Another contradiction in seminary decision

    You can’t be both a denominational seminary and a diverse theological school at the same time!

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Muslim student at Southwestern

    Patterson was right to distance from moderates You wrote, “But here’s the real irony: (Paige) Patterson extended the kind of grace to a Muslim he has spent his lifetime denying to…

  • Letters: ‘We are not God’

    Capital punishment: ‘We are not God’ Regarding the death penalty: Could you be the one who injects the poison that will kill the one accused of a crime? You are…

  • Letters: Capital punishment ‘inhuman and stupid’

    Your editorial about the death penalty expresses many of my thoughts on the subject. However, there are additional things we should consider.

  • Letters: Begin with repentance & forgiveness

    I cannot agree more with regards to your request to repent and forgive. In as much as we desire revival of our churches, we must start with prayer, repentance and forgiveness.

  • Letters: Why support immigration reform?

    Our current immigration laws built the most prosperous county ever to exist in the history of the world.

  • Letters: Jeane Law

    Jeane Law “never failed to listen and be concerned. She always had sound and loving thoughts that made me make strong Christian decisions.”

  • Letters: Another view of biblical womanhood

    Another view of biblical womanhood Regarding “Seminary website lists aspects of ‘biblical womanhood’: This article saddens my heart and soul deeply. I thank God there are other Baptist organizations such…

  • Letters: World Vision’s decision

    We are grateful for the reversal of World Vision’s decision regarding gay marriage for its employees.

  • Letters: The problem behind hungry children

    The problem is a society creating children without the sanction of marriage.

  • Letters: Change back to the past

    We keep talking about change. I believe we need to change back to the past.