• Letters: Dance until the music stops?

    Are we willing to change, or will we keep on dancing until the music stops?

  • Letters: No need for movie Bible study

    A so-called Bible study based upon the movie Son of God makes no sense. Open up the Bible and teach what is written there.

  • Letters: America’s beautiful diversity

    Thank you for the beautiful editorial about “America the Beautiful.” 

  • Letters: Gay marriage not a marriage

    To me, “gay” marriage is not “marriage” at all in any biblical sense. It is a consenting relationship with a degree of commitment.

  • Letters: Housing allowance ruling

    Tax and legal scholars for decades have noted the unconstitutional character of IRC 107—the ministers’ “parsonage allowance.” If “ministers” think they are being unfairly treated, one reason might be because of their unconstitutional affections for special treatment, such as is provided by IRC 107.

  • Letters: Gay marriage & non-Christians

    Some say gay marriage will destroy marriage as we know it. The divorce rate among Christians has been doing a good job of destroying it already.

  • Letters: Pastors, preachers & prophets

    Jerold McBride has accepted the role of being a “21st century prophet” by stepping out of the crowd of modern preachers, and speaking with boldness the true word of God.

  • Letters: Standard’s 125th anniversay

    You have stuck to the truth, rooted historically in your fearless responsibility to abide in the truth of the word of God.

  • Letters: New definition of ‘bivocational’

    Concerning pastoral compensation in a local church: I am the widow of a Texas Baptist pastor, and I remember churches insisting that I not have a job other than that of the wife of the pastor.

  • Letters: Secular companies have more integrity than LifeWay

    We will never step foot in a Lifeway store again. Most secular companies would have had more integrity.

  • Letters: Just the facts on Glorieta

    I would like to know two things: Whether the sale of homes in 2011 and assurance that Glorieta would continue can be proven; and whether proof exists that Glorieta has lost money for the last 20 years.

  • Letters: More on Race in sentencing

    Many people grow up in a bad environment, in poverty, with drugs, etc. But many also escape from their situation. Why is it that we Christians keep on blaming the environment for people’s sinful behavior.