• Letters: Standard’s 125th anniversay

    You have stuck to the truth, rooted historically in your fearless responsibility to abide in the truth of the word of God.

  • Letters: New definition of ‘bivocational’

    Concerning pastoral compensation in a local church: I am the widow of a Texas Baptist pastor, and I remember churches insisting that I not have a job other than that of the wife of the pastor.

  • Letters: Secular companies have more integrity than LifeWay

    We will never step foot in a Lifeway store again. Most secular companies would have had more integrity.

  • Letters: Just the facts on Glorieta

    I would like to know two things: Whether the sale of homes in 2011 and assurance that Glorieta would continue can be proven; and whether proof exists that Glorieta has lost money for the last 20 years.

  • Letters: More on Race in sentencing

    Many people grow up in a bad environment, in poverty, with drugs, etc. But many also escape from their situation. Why is it that we Christians keep on blaming the environment for people’s sinful behavior.

  • Letters: Race in sentencing

    Regarding “Evangelical leaders protest race in sentencing” : It is unfortunate when an “expert witness” chooses to ignore other factors in dealing with “dangerousness.”

  • Letters: The lack of civility

    The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas has been all over our TV this week. 

  • Letters: Lifting up the poor

    Jesus does not force his followers to do anything, but Jesus desires our minds and hearts be attuned to lifting up the poor.

  • Letters: Tax-exempt status

    When churches complain about their inability to engage in politicking, they are only complaining about the cost of the tax-free status they have freely chosen to accept.

  • Letters: Editorial independence

    It is a bad day when Christian news has to be controlled by powers of the church fathers.

  • Letters: Background checks

    I see a lot of problems with background checks.

  • Letters: Thanks for ‘Love’ editorial

    Thank you for “Love, not condemnation, leads the world to Jesus.”