• Letters: Support Glorieta homeowners

    (Updated) Regarding LifeWay’s proposal to give the Glorieta Conference Center to Glorieta2.0, a sister organization of Camp Eagle at Rock Springs, Texas, this letter supports the homeowners and requests your support in their fight to block this proposal from becoming a dreadful reality.

  • Letters: Baylor, BAA & a vineyard

    The article on the proposed agreement between Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association reminds of the story of Naboth’s vineyard.

  • Letters: Denominations

    (UPDATED) Man evolves. So does the way he worships. If not, we’d still be sacrificing goats.

  • Letters: Calvinism

    (UPDATED) If I believed in predestination, I would not attend church and certainly would not give a dime for evangelism. What difference would it make?

  • Letters: More on the Scouts decision

    (UPDATED) If we, as Christians, turn our backs on this organization now; then, once again, as with prayer in schools, Satan has won.

  • Letters: Responding to Scouts decision

    (UPDATED) Are we haters, bigots and homophobes if we don’t stop believing that these “orientations” and “preferences” are sins?

  • Letters: Delivered from Chinese imprisonment

    (Updated) My wife, Anita, and I serve International Baptist Church of Hong Kong. I want to share a praise item, which we were not able to broadcast 11 months ago because of security issues with one of our mission friends.

  • Letters: 2nd Amendment in context

    When the Second Amendment was adopted more than 200 years ago, this new nation had no standing army.

  • Letters: Payday loans & free markets

    Regarding the debate about payday lending: I’m a passionate believer in the free market…

  • Letters: Payday loans & free will

    Why does the Standard only offer anecdotes of those who had bad experiences with payday lenders?

  • Letters: Kingdom & church

    We can’t excuse ourselves by saying numbers and money are not biblical or are not important. Both are essential.

  • Letters: Holocaust and gun control

    Holocaust and gun control

    So why did the Nazis outlaw the personnel possession of fire arms in 1934? They said “to promote a more peaceful  and tranquil society.” We all know how that turned out.