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    Texas Baptist Forum provides a variety of viewpoints from readers.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Organ donations

    If more people donated organs, live organ donors would not be as necessary.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Baylor constituencies

    Now Baylor University’s regents have wounded a second president.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Proper Loyalty II

    I do not know where the letter regarding “Proper loyalty” is coming from (July 21). Our country church regards their patriotism as a blessing under Almighty God—and still follows the age-old tradition of respect for our flag when it passes by.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Angry patriotism

    "We need to be careful not to cross the line into worship of Old Glory and America."

  • Texas Baptist Forum: God notices lies

    Does the ninth commandment not apply during political seasons?

  • Texas Baptist Forum

    The search committee that introduced the Baptist General Convention of Texas to our new executive director, Randel Everett, did an outstanding job.

  • Texas Baptist Forum

    Would a journalist refer to a person who uses bifocals as “eyeglasses-bound”?

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    While I share your concern about the “innocent” being put to death (April 28), my Bible tells me no one is innocent and that the wages of sin is death.

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    "Global warming is a catastrophe, but not in the sense that so many think. …"

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    "Frankly, I’m excited about the prospects of using time-tested, proven business techniques from industry to accomplish kingdom purposes."…