• Texas Baptist Forum

    "Broadway’s decision to not publish homosexual couples’ pictures does not make up for its failure to address homosexuality as an enslavement from which people need to be freed."

  • Texas Baptist Forum

    I was startled to see the picture of a baptismal service on pages 6 and 7 in the June 15 issue. I am that young man immersing a candidate in water at the far left of the photo, which brought back vivid memories.

  • Texas Baptist Forum

    Many readers responded to an editorial on U.S. torture policy.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Americans & torture

    Please review what you think consists of torture. Why does discomfort conform to torture?

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Help small churches

    "Working to strengthen small churches may be more difficult, but it may be better in the long run."

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Bill Reynolds

    "Bill Reynolds was a churchman with outstanding gifts. He wrote songs that were elegant expressions of his faith and touched the lives of thousands—if not millions—of Christians with his work."

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Thanks from Galveston

    We in Galveston Baptist Association appreciate all of the response we have had as a result of the ravages of Hurricane Ike.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Mental illness

    The idea that mental illness is based on sin is debatable when one believes the Scriptures.

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Inspired by article

    "I issued the challenge to our congregation to think outside the walls in terms of our ministry endeavors in our community."

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Standard Baptist?

    "I’m glad the Baptist Standard is not about standardizing Baptists, but faithfully carrying the standard of Baptists in Texas."

  • Texas Baptist Forum: Science vs. faith

    I have a problem with the whole science vs. religion thing…

  • Texas Baptist Forum: The problem with “human capital”

    I would urge everyone who respects human life, human rights and human dignity, whether for religious or other reasons, to avoid use of the terms “human capital” and “human resources.”