• Letters: Burnout; Preacher survey; Patterson’s remarks

    Baptist Standard readers respond to stories about pastor burnout, Baylor’s list of effective preachers and Paige Patterson’s remarks about domestic abuse.

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    Readers weigh in on recent articles, such as the negative effects of gambling expansion to help fund education efforts.

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    In this week’s letter to the editor, a reader shares her thoughts on gun control and mental illness.

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    One reader replies to another reader’s response regarding ‘theological gatekeeping’ in the wake of CBF’s changed hiring policy.

  • Letters: Local church autonomy; Second amendment; Inerrancy

    Baptist Standard readers respond to recent articles about local church autonomy and acceptance of LGBT people, the gun control debate, and the inerrancy of the Bible.

  • Letters: CBF lifts LGBT ban

    A letter to the editor regarding the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s recent decision to lift a ban on hiring LGBT people for some posts.

  • Letters: About inerrancy

    A Baptist Standard reader responds to Ross Shelton’s article, ‘How I came to affirm inerrancy.’

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    A reader responds to Meredith Stone’s response to an article by John Piper concerning women teaching in seminaries.

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