• Letters: Pretending all is well while the winds howl

    A Baptist Standard reader replies to Eric Black’s op-ed on debating social justice while preparing for a natural disaster.

  • Letters: Is football good?

    A Baptist Standard reader replies to Zac Harrel’s op-ed on the question of whether football is good.

  • Letters: BGCT pastors reconnecting to national Baptist groups

    A Baptist Standard reader replies to Ross Shelton’s op-ed on BGCT pastors reconnecting with national Baptist groups.

  • Letters: Safety and security

    A Baptist Standard reader replies to editor Eric Black’s reporting on safety and security in the church.

  • Letters: Children at the border

    A Baptist Standard reader responds to the separation of children from their immigrant parents at the Texas border.

  • Letters: Hubcaps

    A Baptist Standard reader replies to incoming Publisher Eric Black’s first op-ed for the Standard.

  • Letters: Paige Patterson

    One reader responds to Paige Patterson’s dismissal from Southwestern.

  • Letters: Paige Patterson’s dismissal

    Baptist Standard readers respond to Paige Patterson’s dismissal as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Letters: Jerusalem embassy

    A reader responds to the United States’ recent move of its embassy to Jerusalem.

  • Letters: Burnout; Preacher survey; Patterson’s remarks

    Baptist Standard readers respond to stories about pastor burnout, Baylor’s list of effective preachers and Paige Patterson’s remarks about domestic abuse.

  • Letters: Gambling expansion

    Readers weigh in on recent articles, such as the negative effects of gambling expansion to help fund education efforts.

  • Letters: ‘In God We Trust’ and Online Databases

    Readers weigh in on ‘The problem with “In God We Trust”‘ and online databases of churches.