Letters: Paige Patterson’s dismissal

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RE: Commentary: The tale of two presidents at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

I am a female graduate of Southwestern 2006. My impression of your article is that you may not know all of the facts surrounding Patterson’s removal and that it is more about your just not liking the man. I find your comments to be just as judgmental and intolerant of him as you accuse him of being toward others. Whether we like it or not—scripture does affirm an outline of authority in the church as well as in the home. We may not like it—but as for me personally, I would rather base my understanding of scripture on what is written rather than what I “feel.”

Your article emphasizes the word abuse quite frequently. Abuse is never okay!! But today’s cultural definition of abuse often includes something as slight as a rude comment—and while it may be offensive … it is a far cry from “abuse.”

As a Christian woman who is in full-time Christian service, I find your “ethical rhetoric” to be offensive to me. I was at Southwestern during Dr. Patterson’s tenure. He came across to me as “dogmatic and cocky” but to write a scathing article about him surrounding his dismissal is anything but “ethical.”

Rachel Greene
Morristown, Tenn.

RE: Paige Patterson no longer seminary president

And this is supposed to be a good decision? A place to live that would probably house many homeless people; continued compensation/benefits; creation of the Theologian-in-Residence.  SERIOUSLY???? WHAT about the way he has conducted himself (and his abuse of the biblical teaching regarding marriage, divorce, abuse, respect and love for one’s spouse), QUALIFIES him to reap these uncalled for BENEFITS.

This decision proves once again that no woman is worthy of respect as viewed by the eyes of those men who have the power and wield it in such a way as to denigrate every one of their own wives, daughters, nieces, aunts, mothers, students, etc.

And—they think we are too stupid to realize what it all means for all of us.

Mary Manning
Denver, Colo.


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