President Trump, gender equality, mental health

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“The very opposite of Christ”

I wonder if there are others like me who are having a hard time understanding how leaders in this denomination and in evangelical Christianity as a whole have embraced the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.

In Trump, we find the very opposite of Christ—arrogance, pride, greed, amoral conduct, abuse and exploitation of human beings, contempt for virtue, adultery, concupiscence and an open disdain for humility, forgiveness or repentance.

This may sound like hyperbole, but I mean it quite literally. If Trumpism is Christianity, then I am not a Christian, and I would venture to say that Christ is not, either.  When we support him, we reject Christ.  When we say nothing to oppose him, we are complicit in his outrages.

Shame on us for our moral cowardice and shockingly absent faculty of discernment.

James Moore



Call for gender equality

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Jake Raabe’s entire article—“Voices: Should Christianity change to stay relevant?”—was excellent. But for me, a few words stood out above all the rest. He said, “As an active member of a church with female deacons ….”

May those few churches with female deacons multiply all across Texas, and may God raise up more young men and women who are calling for gender equality.

Shirley Taylor



Create & maintain mental health care

Pastor John Whitten brings to light a significant area of ministry opportunity for the local church. The growing need for quality mental health care deserves the attention of every church pastor and be seen as an opportunity to develop a meaningful counseling ministry staffed by professionals who have been trained through local Christian universities, seminaries and colleges.

The Association of Christian Counselor Plants exists to help churches learn how to create and maintain just such an important ministry.  Consider the value of knowing, as a pastor, who you are referring your congregant or community member to for their mental health struggles.  Trust is established by having a growing relationship with the church’s counselor and by the knowledge that they received high quality education and training at a Christian academic institution. 

Let’s help the church minister to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of its membership and community. 

Mark W. Weston


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