President Trump, powerful words, needed discipleship

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Offensive editorial

Your “Merry Christmas” Trump editorial is offensive to me as a Christian and a Trump supporter.

You’re showing your bias opinion when it should be open.

Who said people stop celebrating their birthdays at a certain age? You obviously do. I do not!

Less personal opinions and more facts will help us lead others to Christ!

Sonya McPherson



What makes America great?

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In the 2016 Republican presidential primaries and in the general election, candidate Donald Trump rode his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan to victory. His supporters wore baseball-type caps and T-shirts with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on them. Those four words suggested that at one time, or some time, America was a great nation, but it is no longer great.

During the 2016 political campaigns, I don’t recall there was much, if any, discussion of when and why our country was especially great at a particular time in American history. In specifics, what lost American greatness did Trump, his voters and the Republican Party think needed to be recaptured? What makes a nation great?

Catchy campaign slogans will not a great nation make. President Trump, at best, is off to a rocky, wobbly start. It is not too late for him to clearly, comprehensively articulate what “Make America Great Again” means. If the president cannot do it or won’t do it, it is evident voters who voted for him were fooled or conned.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.


Throwing words

I so agree with Jake Raabe’s column on the power of words.

We as Baptists—whatever label you want to wear: SBC, CBF, independent, liberal, conservative, whatever—are very good at throwing words at each other, no matter what the consequences are. We are quick to defend our way of thinking and slow or refuse to listen to others.

We have no right to destroy each other like we have. How this must grieve God’s heart.

We have carried around hurtful words and attitudes long enough. It is past time to lay down our pride of our words and move on to pride in God’s words. It is time for some self-examination under God’s light to see if our words—whether it be on the Internet or face to face—have met God’s standards. Or did they just further our own agendas?

Carol Bratton



Conversion plus discipleship

Ok, I see Garrett Vickery’s point. Conversion is only half the answer and the first half of the Great Commission.

The other half is discipleship, and the two combined in many people’s lives is a revival and then we will see a changed society.

As Dawson Trottman once said, leading someone to faith in Christ takes about 20 minutes, but discipleship will take about 20 weeks. Don’t leave your baby on someone else’s front doorstep to raise ! (Matthew 28:18-20)

Scott Cole


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