Readers offer their takes on Trump, recent editorial

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Look for good things to happen
I am very disappointed that you have used the talking points of the Democratic National Committee and CNN to express your disappointment that “We the People” elected Donald J. Trump instead of “Saint” Hillary.
Your comments paint a picture of our stupidity for being duped by a sinner like Trump. Did you know God forgives sin, and do you believe Trump is working on redemption through the pastors that have supported him during the election cycle?
I believe God calls sinners and saints to do his work. I also believe this election would have been lost to a woman who betrayed her oath as secretary of state to enrich herself by selling influence to foreign adversaries—treason—if it were not for God’s hand in this election.
Yes, I voted for Trump, and I expect him to fulfill his promises and to keep us safe. We have seen many prayers spoken to our God and heard our Lord and Savior’s name, Jesus, spoken many times since President Trump was inaugurated.
I hope you can put hate aside and look for good things to happen for our president, the U.S.A. and our Christian faith.
Stan Martin
Flower Mound


In for some bleak days
Thank you for this powerful editorial on the Trump presidency. Our nation is experiencing division lines that Donald Trump is etching even more indelibly in the minds and hearts of our citizens. And because of our radically different world views, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for us to agree on anything.
I am fearful of the direction of our country as President Trump takes control. With both houses of Congress and soon the Supreme Court to back him, I believe we are in for some bleak days in the areas of race, poverty, gender equality, Muslims and justice. And with truth and transparency being almost daily targets, the press will play an even more important role than any time in our history.
I am most thankful for the prophetic voice of the you and the Baptist Standard. I hope you will keep the banners of Christian love and truth before us.
David Clanton


Not a difficult choice
Donald Trump is flawed, as are all men, but the choice Christians had to make on Nov. 8 was not a difficult one. The Democratic Party has been openly hostile to Christ’s church for quite some time, but in the last eight years, even more so.
Fifty-eight million unborn scream from their graves to stop the slaughter of the innocents. The appointment of federal judges that are hostile to the Christian faith. These are the fruits of supporting candidates such as Hillary Clinton.  
 Mr. Trump is flawed and is truly in need of our prayers. In that I agree. It had been my prayer that God would raise up a strong Christian to lead our land, and he is not that.  So, you and I agree he is in need of our prayers. 
But he should be given a chance to lead. 
Owen Whitsitt


Why criticize? Pray
Voters, including evangelical Christians, had two viable candidates for president they could vote for. Considering Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton and their personal beliefs, backgrounds, social positions and job performances, it was basically impossible to vote for either person. But Tommy Nelson, pastor of the Denton Bible Church, preached that evangelical Christians had to look beyond the candidates and base their vote on the party planks and platform.
The last presidential debate made clear at least two concerns for evangelicals concerning Mrs. Clinton.
One was that she said she would appoint Supreme Court justice nominees who had a “modern world view” with no explanation what she meant by this criteria, so each of us had to come to our own conclusion what this qualification means. The second issue is when she refused to say that partial-birth abortion is wrong, but that even in late-term pregnancies the woman should have the choice.  
Considering these things is what led many evangelicals to vote for Trump. By no means was their vote a confirmation of his character. 
Having made this point, I do not understand why we would read an editorial in the Baptist Standard basically criticizing the man, Trump, and not an editorial calling on Baptist believers to pray and seek God to sovereignly guide Trump by holding and directing Mr. Trump’s heart in his hands, to direct Trump to govern in a way that God uses his decisions to lead us in the direction of God’s will for our nation. 
We must pray that God does what Solomon says God does with the king’s heart in Proverbs 21:1.
Scott Neathery
Wake Village


Christian duty to pray
I read with interest James Moore’s letter in which he questioned Donald Trump’s Christianity. I can’t answer that, but I think his letter is not helpful. This time tomorrow, he will be the only president we have.

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I felt we had poor choices for one to vote for, but there was no way I could vote for Hillary, and I chose not to waste my vote and write in another. So now I think it is the duty of all of us to pray for this man many believed could make America great again. I have written Mr. Trump, I have encouraged him to seek the Lord and promised each day I will be praying for him and his family.
In my opinion, he can’t be more ungodly than what we have experienced the last eight years.
Betty B. Arrell

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