Start gender reconciliation in church

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Yes, racial reconciliation should start in churches, and it is in churches where gender reconciliation also should start. Brothers and sisters, black and white, reconciled and strengthened in the family of God.

We have an example in the story of Jacob and Esau.

Jacob, through deception and opportunity, stole the birthright of his twin brother, Esau. Esau was guilty of dismissing the importance of his birthright.

My analogy has Jacob representing Christian men who pushed women aside even though men and women were both firstborn in the new Creation and set to inherit the goods and possessions of the Father. Esau represents Christian women who now realize they gave up their most valuable inheritance.

Esau, who had allowed his birthright to be stolen, gathered his army of 400 men and went to meet his brother with his own set of gifts and forgiveness. Women, all of whom have had their newbirth-right stolen, can do the same.

Like Esau, we have no malice, and we are willing to meet our brothers halfway. We, too, have gifts to bring. With your family and my family together again, we will be able to do many things for the Lord.

I urge pastors to start the journey toward gender reconciliation for the children of the new creation.

Shirley Taylor


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