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I was startled to see the picture of a baptismal service on pages 6 and 7 in the June 15 issue. I am that young man immersing a candidate in water at the far left of the photo, which brought back vivid memories.

It was August 1947. I was a student at Southwestern Seminary and had a weekend pastorate at New York Baptist Church in Henderson County, east of Athens. We had two weeks of revival services. The guest evangelist preached each night, and we conducted a Vacation Bible School each morning. More than 20 new Christians were baptized.

The creek was blocked to hold water. I had not had much experience immersing people and was concerned about the depth of the water. It seemed shallow to me. The water was less than clean!

As we prepared for the baptisms, some boys said, “Brother Polk, there is a water moccasin on that tree limb above the water.” My wife, Polly, confirmed a snake was twisting around on the tree limbs overhead while I baptized the people.

Mrs. Calvin Tindal, a member of the church, made this picture and sent it to the Baptist Standard. I cut out the photo that appeared in the Standard and years later had it laminated after it had somewhat “yellowed.” I went to that photo to compare it to what I was startled to see in the Standard this summer and found it to be the same photo!

Bob Polk


Mickey, Winnie & the SBC

The Southern Baptists are losing members at a phenomenal rate. The reason Christians are leaving is due to the recent mania over homosexuals.

The association of the Southern Baptists with homosexual organizations like Walt Disney and Winnie the Pooh have left many people fleeing to other denominations.

What is so shocking is the fact Southern Baptists have no intention of doing anything. Most leaders will not even consider discussing Walt Disney or other homosexual companies.

As long as Southern Baptists are associated with homosexuals, membership will continue to decline.

God help us all.

Bobby Carl Hill

Houlka, Miss.


Missions op

International Baptist Church of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is seeking a pastor.

Southern Baptist missionaries started the church in the late 1970s. IBC is located in the heart of Dar es Salaam, a city of 4 million people.

The church’s mission is to the English-speaking expatriate community—including diplomats, businesspeople and their families.

This is an exciting post for a pastor and his family with a heart for international missions.

For more information, contact David Miller, chairman of the pastor-search committee, at tanzaniamillers@gmail.com.

Dan Sims

Oneonta, Ala.



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