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Broadway & SBC

While the leadership of Broadway Baptist Church asserts they have not violated the Southern Baptist Convention constitution because they have not officially affirmed or endorsed homosexuality, their nondiscipline of known homosexuals is tacit endorsement.

Following Christ is not compatible with continued sinful practices, be it homosexuality, drunkenness, polygamy, outbursts of anger, gluttony, etc. The church must promote holiness and offer programs to encourage overcoming sin.

AA, NA, Fit4Life, marriage classes and other programs address specific issues; Exodus International helps Christians leave homosexuality.

Broadway’s decision to not publish homosexual couples’ pictures does not make up for its failure to address homosexuality as an enslavement from which people need to be freed.

Ben Macklin



What is sin? Is it cheating on income taxes, going to Vegas and losing thousands of dollars the family needs, cheating on your spouse, cursing a neighbor’s child who has just broken your window or getting drunk every Saturday night?

Or is there only one sin? Is it only having the wrong kind of sex?

How many churches would the Southern Baptist Convention have if they kicked out every church that has a member who sins?

Mary Poythress


Open membership

Thank you for your splendid article on Baptist theology and on Leo Garrett’s presentation on that subject (June 15).

I also want to offer a kind of footnote for your statement, “Open membership, on the other hand, is strictly a modern development.”

As Garrett says in his book Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study, John Bunyan famously practiced open membership in the 17th century and defended the practice in a debate with William Kiffin.

Bunyan was not alone. In his book, Garrett acknowledges some interpreters would therefore conclude Bunyan was not a Baptist, but, so far as I’m aware, no one has chosen to omit an account of Bunyan’s work from his history of Baptists. He is included, for examples, by Bill Brackney, Bill Leonard, Leon McBeth and Doug Weaver, as well as Garrett himself.

Bill Leonard concludes his discussion of the issue with a sentence that contradicts the sentence quoted above and that seems to me to be accurate: “Questions of baptism, its mode and meaning for church membership, have created controversy and disagreement among Baptists from the beginning.”

Fisher Humphreys

Birmingham, Ala.

‘Bloated bureaucracy’

I hope leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Task Force will address the bloated bureaucracy that has occurred with the establishment of secondary state convention groups in several states.

If they really want to cut down on bloating, they would get those groups to re-enter the mainstream of Baptist life and rejoin their states’ historic conventions. Until they accomplish that, they will be known as hypocritical.

Bob Gillchrest

San Diego


Ministry op

First Baptist Church of Rota, Spain, (http://firstbaptistrota.com), needs a pastor. The congregation is primarily English-speaking U.S. military personnel and their families, along with a few Spanish residents.

Our church provides a pastor with a monthly salary of $1,334, plus a two-bedroom parsonage, where the church takes care of all the maintenance, utilities and parsonage supplies up to $1,200 annually. We also provide a car and an annual expense of $500 for pastor conferences.

If God is leading you to respond to this letter, please contact: Ariel Genido at PSC 819 Box 26, FPO-AE 09645 or at our email, rota.search@gmail.com. Please include your resume.

Ariel S. Genido

Rota, Spain


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