Letters: True Love Waits pioneer defends sexual purity movement

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RE: True Love Waits pioneer defends sexual purity movement

It seems the honest way of evaluating [the True Love Waits] movement is to say it is both helpful and hurtful.

Growing up in that culture and the metaphors used to describe women who had sex before marriage was appalling. I have no doubts women were hurt, and for that I grieve.

I also think the movement identified a problem within many churches, which is we cannot talk about human sexuality.

The lack of honest conversation leads us to things like programmatic “True Love Waits” materials when these conversations need to be had simply because of the Incarnation.

I agree with the assessments of [Linda Kay] Klein and [Nadia] Bolz-Weber, but I wonder if their correctives to the movement are not just as dangerous.

As we seem to swing between polarities, I wonder if there is a middle-ground that can talk about something like sexual purity without the shame we often associate with it.

Matthew Vandagriff
Kirkwood, Missouri


EDITOR’S NOTE: Matthew Vandagriff is the senior pastor of Kirkwood Baptist Church and received his doctor of ministry from Truett Seminary. His letter to the editor raises a good issue. In the midst of so much confusion, shame and abuse involving sex, what are churches teaching about sex? How are you and your church discussing this sensitive topic in healthy ways?

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