Letter: Voices: Pro-life voting involves more than one issue

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Re: Voices: Pro-life voting involves more than one issue

First, I regard Terry Austin as a friend.

Regarding immigration, our church works extensively with immigrants to help them learn English, tutor their children and meet a variety of needs. We do so understanding some of them may be here illegally, not to affirm the illegality of their entry into our country, but to minister to them in the name of Jesus and to share the gospel.

Regarding capital punishment, Romans 13:4 states the government wields the sword under God’s authority. I assume the reference to the sword does not imply being spanked with one. War ought always to be entered only in a just cause, as outlined by Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Regarding gun control, I am glad our church’s security team is armed and prepared to defend our people.

Regarding a pro-life position and politics, I know hardly anyone who votes for a candidate solely on that one issue. The real question is the importance of that issue. Even if Roe v. Wade never is overturned, America is better off with judges who will restrain evil. Abortion is an evil that has become a form of birth control for too many Americans. Sixty million aborted babies since 1973 is a horrifying statistic.

I do not expect my government to bring about a kingdom of righteousness, but I do desire that it serve to restrain evil. When I consider the radical views espoused by so many politicians in our day regarding law enforcement, I know exactly which candidates are more likely to restrain evil. Those are the candidates I will vote for while I am busy seeking to serve the One who alone can change hearts.

Dan Wooldridge
Crestview Baptist Church
Georgetown, Texas

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