Letters: Voices: Pro-life voting involves more than one issue

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RE: Voices: Pro-life voting involves more than one issue

The consistent bias of the Baptist Standard is becoming a distraction from the gospel message.

Articles like “Voices: Pro-life voting involves more than one issue” present a clearly biased perspective. Referring to one issue voting as “dishonest” and “dumb” combined with straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks and inaccurate descriptions of the issues at stake are ill-suited even in an op-ed, let alone in something presented as journalism.

I have yet to see anything leaning to the right to the degree that this article leans to the left. I have not seen any conservative article call a liberal opinion “dumb.”

It would be best for the Baptist Standard to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and far less on politics and social issues, but if they must address these issues, it needs to be done with balance.

Randy Bradley
Pastor, Mullin First Baptist Church


First, after much soul-searching and prayer, I express my straightforward opposition to abortion as a means of birth control. I must follow closely with my opposition to teaching or preaching that deems abortion the unpardonable sin. Forgiveness must continue to be our message as people of God’s word, i.e., Jesus Christ. The declarations of judgment upon women who have experienced abortion erect almost insurmountable barriers in the attempt to apply the principles of grace to their life experience.

Second, while I am found among those who seek to vote with some understanding of issues, I do not find simple answers to questions about abortion and birth control very helpful as I seek to vote for individuals who provide or advocate for alternative approaches, including sex education and affordable birth control.

Regarding other sanctity of human life issues, I must not fail to ask for any political candidate to explain his or her positions on the issues of human trafficking, child abuse, equal rights for women, equal rights for all races, poverty, education, gun control and capital punishment.

Hopefully, my positions identify me as a Christian who has chosen life and seeks daily to do so. While I have many friends who would demand avowal of an either/or position statement, I’m afraid this is as close as I can come.

Dennis Coop
Sherwood, Ark.

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