'Praying' trees in Tahoe City

They come from all different backgrounds, and they have thousands of stories they each are dying to share.

After finishing our daily Bible story, pray around the circle. Each child gets the opportunity to pray if he or she desires. So, naturally, each one takes the situation and runs with it. Whether praying for a cat that they had that died several years ago, or for an uncle with a broken foot, it’s a blessing to listen to each prayer.

Recently, because it was such a perfect day, we decided to have Bible story and prayer time outside. In the middle of the prayer, a ferocious wind began to whip through, and the trees started rustling in quite a distracting manner. Instead of taking it in simply as a gust of wind, the boy next to me leaned over and whispered, “The trees are praying too.” That innocent little comment from that boy’s heart completely made my day and made me realize how wonderful and huge God is, and how he is different things to different people.

Whether it’s a reminder of how big God is with a gust of wind, or a prayer said for a broken foot, how wonderful it is that even first and second graders can understand his power and majesty in all areas of life.

Summer Spears, a student at Texas A&M University, is serving as a semester missionary in Tahoe City, Calif., with Go Now Missions.

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