Following a clear calling to Kenya

I currently am in Nyeri, Kenya where my partner, Andrew Lancaster, and I will teach at Nyeri Baptist High School, coaching basketball and cross-country.

I keep thinking back to how God called me here.

My passion for Africa was at an all-time high. I couldn’t function with out thinking about Africa. I needed to go. I felt God was calling me, but I still had my doubts.

Students on Mission
I prayed: “I’ll go, but only if you are sending me. How will I get there? How do I know this is you? Help!” I felt willing to give up anything to serve God—even running track and cross-country after making it on the team as a freshman walk-on. But I felt so unworthy, so inadequate.

As I prayed outdoors, the wind blew open the pages of my Bible, and God directed me to Isaiah 6. It was the passage where the prophet expressed some of the same feelings I had, and where God asked the question, “Whom shall I send?”  And Isaiah replied: “Here I am. Send me.” 

Not long after that, I went to a computer lab to check my e-mail. I discovered a message from Brenda Sanders at Go Now Missions. She had heard my story from my BSU director and was wondering if I was interested in going to Kenya for six months—if I felt like it was the Lord’s will. The staff and others were praying for someone to go serve with Andrew Lancaster. Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs, and they wanted Andrew to have a partner. And by the way, she said, Andrew is a track and cross-country runner. 
Through more prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord, God made it crystal-clear that he called me to Kenya for six months.

To God be the glory!  I’ve been sent.

Al Johnson from the University of Texas at San Antonio is a student missionary correspondent with Go Now Missions.

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