Learning about Daily Bread

He probably has no idea who his next meal will come from.  He has too many years under his belt to do manual labor and not enough sight or strength to hold a good job.  

North Africa
Learning to love recklessly...
I wish I could communicate better with him but each time I pass, “Hello. Peace be to you,” must suffice. I want to hear the stories of the years that have left the scars on his body. I want to ask him what he ponders all day. I want to tell him that there is a Rescuer who promises us that we don’t live by bread alone.

Imagine that sentence Jesus uttered as he was teaching the disciples to pray: “Give us this day our daily bread.” He trusted his Father to provide it for them everyday. He didn’t have stockpiles of bread in the pantry and loaves of money in the bank. The money he used was a shared fund and then was also shared with those in need. He wouldn’t make sure he had enough for 10 years before he gave to those who didn’t have enough for ten minutes.  

I want to conform to the pattern of Christ—love as recklessly as he did—not worrying about the clothes I will wear or the things I will eat. I want to be Christ to others.

I know our God is faithful. Let us start to look to him for our daily bread.

Tiffany, a student at Texas A&M University, is serving as a semester missionary in Northern Africa with Go Now Missions. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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