Unexpected help from a Kenyan angel

A Kenyan woman in front of us asked us where we were going.  We told her we were going to Nairobi, and we don’t know how to get there.  She said, “I’ll take you.” 

We got off the bus and started down a road.  By now, the sun is almost gone.  She asked some women if the way we were heading was safe and they said, “No.”

Al and I were looking every direction for someone coming at us with a knife or something to take our bags. The two women gave directions to a safe path to the staging area where we could catch a matatu.

As we walked down narrow alleys and passages between buildings, a Kenyan man joined us in our trek. He also seemed very wary about us walking with luggage, so he also kept guard. We went through a crowded area, and I accidentally ran over some toes with my rolling suitcase. Al said a man noticed me going by with a suitcase and started towards me, but Al shoved him out of the way and ran him over with his suitcase. 

We arrived at the stage and began loading our luggage in a matatu.  I looked back and told the woman thank you so much for bringing us safely to our destination. I turned around again to put another bag on the matatu, and then she was gone.  An angel in Kenyan form?  Who knows? But I thank God for her.

We arrived in Limuru and a few days later we headed to Nyeri where our term as teachers would begin.

Andrew Lancaster, a student at Wayland Baptist University, served in Kenya with Go Now Missions.

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