Seeing neighbors come to Christ

We hung out with them a lot—talking, watching the World Cup games, and even horseback riding. Our host family was excited at the quick friendship because they have long hoped to start a cell church in the neighborhood. They wanted us to help start it.

After a month, we realized that even though our neighbors knew we were Christians and came to Venezuela to talk about God, we had never shared the gospel with them.

To remedy this, we recently began the first service of a cell church in the neighborhood. We welcomed three neighbors—two unbelievers and one believer. My partner, Julie, and I shared our testimonies and the host family shared the gospel.

Initially I thought our guests were uninterested, but then I noticed the intensity with which they listened. Normally stoic, one of the guys even shed tears as he said, ´Yes, I want to accept Jesus as my Savior.´ Both of the unbelievers prayed that night to become Christians and were excited to receive Bibles.

Later, we helped host a neighborhood game night. Between a treasure hunt and charades, we shared the gospel and 19 youth prayed to receive Christ. Many were excited to hear about the cell church and said they will attend the service.

It is exciting to see God glorified in an entire neighborhood. Now, we are praying for someone to disciple our new brothers and sisters.

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