Experiencing Salmon Frenzy

“Alaska is the closest place to heaven on earth.” That’s what a man on a plane to Alaska told one of my teammates.

salmon frenzyIndeed, the range of mountains and open wilderness is beyond belief—truly beautiful. Church groups from all over the United States have come to this beautiful place to share the gospel with the people of Alaska as part of Salmon Frenzy Ministries.

The evangelistic efforts are concentrated during the Alaskan dip-netting season for salmon.  During that time, the state allows residents to gather on beaches to catch salmon, fillet the fish and take the meat home for their families.

Our ministry is restricted in some respects. No non-Alaskan can help residents bring down their nets and coolers without being fined.

salmon groupOn the bright side, teams can give away free hotdogs, hot cocoa, coffee and lemonade.  We interact with everyone on the beach and build relationships. Kids’ camps also are provided to help the parents.

My experiences here with the Alaskans indicate many have a skittish mentality about the gospel. Many think they don’t really need to know Jesus.

But I am reminded of the promise in John 1:12: “But as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in his name.” 

Katy Thomas, a student a Navarro College, is serving with Go Now Missions in Salmon Frenzy Ministries in Alaska.

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