Fellowship, food and fun

The faint smell of rain in the air mixed with the aroma of foods from nations around the world as people gathered for a party at the Center of Hope in Uganda.

The party kicked off as Sudanese, Congolese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Canadian, American, Korean and Ugandan women, children and men began to enter the front gates. Some carried traditional foods, and many entered hungry and ready to eat.

Uganda Food
Party participants filled plates with food from Sudan, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Canada, America, Korea and Uganda.
Although I had been in Uganda only six days, I knew this “fellowship, food and fun” party would allow me to meet current and future students at the Center of Hope. Even though in the morning we faced some challenges with a lack of water and electricity, God restored each before the party began.

The rest of the day was devoted to building relationships and having fun with students and their families. There were opportunities to register for conversational English, art, sewing, computer, sports and Bible study classes at the Center of Hope for the upcoming eight weeks. Laughter, music, dancing, and a short presentation on Eritrea filled the afternoon.

The party provided a great way to be introduced and see all of the different cultures I will be living and working alongside this semester.

Robyn Cash, a student at Sam Houston State University, is serving in Uganda with Go Now Missions.

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