Meteors for Christ

His face glowed as he told me about the sun and all the planets he knew, but his favorite topic was meteors. I was impressed with the preschooler’s level of knowledge about meteors. Rorie grabbed a rock from the beautiful beach and stretched his arm up to show me what he had found.

“Look, I found a space rock!” he exclaimed.

He threw the rock into the sand as hard as he could, and it bounced two times, leaving a distinct mark in the sand from the impact. As Rorie and I looked at it, I longed to know what was going on in his little mind. He was so amazed by his “space rock” and even more amazed that meteors came crashing into earth leaving a dent.

I began thinking how amazing it would be if Christians were like meteors to their communities. That is my hope while on mission out here in Tahoe. I pray to be Spirit-filled, so as I come crashing into this town, I make a difference in the children’s lives. I pray that as a ‘space rock,’ I’m taken from my original location and challenged and moved to make an impact elsewhere.

It’s so encouraging when the Lord uses children to remind us of God’s power and the opportunities we have to serve him wherever we are with the gifts we have. It’s fun to imagine—like a kid—that we could be meteors for Christ.

Crystal Donahue, a student from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, is serving as a semester missionary in Tahoe City, Calif., with Go Now Missions.

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