Finding peace of mind

“My parents were very strict and they did not like the Christian people. And the others, who are believers, they were praying for our parents,” he said. “One day in Bhutan there was a political situation that was not good. There was a war between the Nepalis and the Bhutanese people. My father … went to one of the fellowships where the religious people were.”

At the time, Dill recalled, his father drank quite a bit because “he had no peace of mind.”  Some people feared him when he had been drinking, and Christians generally were afraid to share God’s word with him.

But that night, after the service, he followed a Christian leader home and asked him, “Can you tell me about Jesus?”

“The leader shared the word of God with him. That time was the right time for my father to accept Jesus. And he accepted Jesus into his life,” Dill said.

“He used to not sleep, but that same day he accepted Jesus, he slept the whole night. That changed his mind, and that changed his life.”

Dill’s father shared his newfound faith with his family, and all of them, in turn, became Christians and were baptized.

Praise God for his amazing deeds! Please pray that Dill can be a witness to the many Bhutanese who still do not know Jesus Christ.

Matthew Johnston, a student at Wayland Baptist University, is serving as a Go Now missionary with Segue, a ministry to refugees.

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