Finding contentment

Most days of the trip consisted of physical work such as building houses, but on my third day there, I volunteered at the infirmary.

Every county in Jamaica has a government-run infirmary for mentally disabled people. Many are treated very poorly and are in some of the worst conditions I could have imagined for my brothers and sisters. The most amazing thing about these people is that they love the Lord more than anyone I ever have met. Out of everything we could have done for them during our time there, all they wanted was for us to read them Scripture. They wanted nothing more than to listen to the Bible.

In Philippians, the Apostle Paul tells us that he has “learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.” While at the infirmary, God constantly was putting this verse on my heart. There is one word in that verse that I had been missing. It says “in” every situation, not “through.” I realized that in my life I had been seeking contentment “in” my situations like where God physically has me or who I am around, instead of seeking God for it.

The people of the infirmary showed me what it was truly like to seek God for contentment. Even though they were in such a terrible physical situation, they were so in love with God, and they truly sought him for joy and happiness.

Blair Jones, a student at Tarleton State University, served with Go Now Missions in Jamaica.

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