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We watched for a moment, then I ran to get my voice recorder so that I could ask questions. Narmiya explained that she reads aloud one chapter from the Bhagvat-Gita every day. I struggled to ask her what the stories were about, or what her holy book said, but I did not get an answer. I think she reads in Sanskrit and probably does not understand what she is reading. However, she likened the reading to prayers, and indicated that it makes the gods happy.

To be honest, her rhythmic chanting was beautiful, but she could have been saying anything. For that reason, it was empty.

Narmiya is like a mother to me, and I desire with all my heart for her to sing songs to the one true God  —- songs that are full of meaning and purpose. I want to chant with her someday about how great God is, how loving he is, how he has rescued us from evil and from ourselves.

After talking with Narmiya, her friend asked me about the end times. I was dumbstruck at such a broad and difficult question. I tried to get her to narrow down her question. Then, she said, “I had a vision in Nepal about Jesus. He was in the clouds with his family...”

So, I asked her a lot about that, and explained that yes, Jesus will come back some day. He is coming to get his family. And we can be part of his family. I asked her why she had that dream, and said that it might be because God wants her in his family.

When we left, these friends were watching “God’s Story,” which I let them borrow. Pray that it will impact their lives. Pray for more dreams and visions. Pray that many will be adopted into the family of Jesus Christ.

Matthew Johnston, a student at Wayland Baptist University, is serving as a Go Now missionary with Segue, a ministry to refugees.

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