Simple life, simple gospel

On a recent Sunday morning, my teammates and I were invited to a village, where one of our new friends lived. 

His house was filled with a shrine to every god that you could think of, yet he was Muslim. As soon as my teammates and I gathered in his house, we all started praying, because I immediately knew we were a threat to the evil spirits residing in that house.

Our friend fed us and then proceeded to take us to another village, where tea trees were grown. When we arrived in the village, everyone stared at us because we were probably the first light-skinned people they had ever seen. I was overwhelmed by the villagers’ simple way of life. They never left their village. Gardens were in the front of each house, providing food for each family. I looked around and saw several boys playing soccer.

As we walked, we found a beautiful baby girl sitting in the middle of a road, and my heart broke for her. I prayed that Jesus would heal her because she was very sick. As we left, I was overwhelmed that people could live in such simplicity, and I was convicted to live in the simplicity of the good news ever more.

Sarah, a student from the University of Texas, is serving with Go Now Missions in Southeast Asia this summer. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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